Hey guys!  So, christmas is coming upon us. I love christmas. it’s so romantic and at the same time filled with joy and happiness! Personally, I can’t wait to get started! Decorating my home and getting those things that just makes everyday a little more special are two things that I really love about christmas, but we all have that problem. The presents! I find giving presents amazing and the look on the person’s face when he/she opens it is lovely, but it’s so hard. How much should it cost, to whom and so on and on. The money you get just isn’t enough this season of the year. Either, you start saving in september, you start looking for presents early or you do it like me… budget! Therefore I thought I might give y’all some cheap tips on what to give: For the girl: Image 1. Cosyness for the bed: Everyone loves to have a nice surrounding. Making her bedroom christmasy and lovely will definetley be a plus. Please do throw in some fairylights if you can. They really set a mood! 2. Socks. Who doesn’t love’m? 3. Cosy sweaters are wonderful, and if they’re christmasy then I can’t se a downside of it! 4. A pretty cup with a bag of tea is a safe card, and it’s a good one. For the one you don’t know what to get: Image 1.A jedi morningrobe. I don’t know about you but I would have loved to get one. 2. Netflix, not that inventive but it definetley suits anyone with a computor or smartphone. 3. A pair of slippers. Perfect for chilly mornings. 4. Okay this is a weird one but imagine getting a fondue pot. Who doesn’t like dipping things in melted cheese/chocolate? That’s all for me today. I hope that the tips helped you a little, and if not I’m sure you’ll find the perfect present sooner or later! XXX

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